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Worried that you’re going to get a lower quality solution with a certified small business or DVBE?

See how FARO breaks the mold
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Technology Reseller Services

A State and Federally Recognized Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise

Under California Governor's Executive Order, each Agency in California has a 25% Small Business and 3% DVBE participation goal for procurements through competitive procurements. 


Good news:  Working with FARO helps you meet both of these.  We are a California Certified SB/DVBE (#48670). And you don't need to worry; as a full-service firm, we easily meet the Commercially Useful Function (CUF) requirements that will keep your department or agency in compliance.


FARO resells a number of key products in the government marketplace through the CA DGS Software License Program.  Each Product Partner offers software we’ve utilized and upon which we have grown to rely confidently. We are pleased to be both selling these products and providing a range of professional services associated with each product when needed.

  • Pre-configured solutions
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  • Day one buy-in
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  • Removing responsibility for risk
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  • All upgrades are included
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  • Unlimited storage and CPU capacity
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  • Easy access to your data
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