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Do you suffer from a lack of access to your data?

FARO Hercules Suite can help
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Software Solutions

FARO Solutions will feel like you’re “leveling up” your team, not just buying software.  And this makes sense as FARO delivers an unprecedented support model that pairs our experts up with your leads for the duration of the license. You read that right. Configurations, deployment support, enhancements, administration, etc. are all included in your license.

Customer acceptance has been amazing to the innovative approach to solution subscription.

FARO Cloud Services Graphic_ Modernized_
  1. Sell only what the customer can benefit from quickly

  2. Never leave the customer’s side

  3. Be easy to work with

Based on the following government centric promises, FARO remains 100% successful in deploying software into productive use for its customer (i.e., zero “shelf ware”):

Due to strong customer and partner demand, Software Solutions is the largest and fastest growing part of the FARO portfolio.

FARO Software Solutions offers four critical solution families:


Make problems in current operations a thing of the past


Rapidly super charge your existing IT operations


Get your department securely to the cloud, fast


Establish, replace, or augment your software support

Customers can rely confidently on FARO for any one or all solution areas. Regardless of where a customer starts with FARO software, they will always benefit from unparalleled advantages of working with FARO.

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