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FARO Consulting & Solutions was launched in 2007 to connect Government customers to better choices in technology modernization.  The foundation of the business was built from partnerships with technology leaders and a top tier consulting practices populated with seasoned professionals.  Over the coming years, FARO began focusing consulting solutions on recurring problems in government.

Thanks to a committed & innovative team of engineers, the company became a specialist in low-risk, rapid front end access portals and back-end security and enterprise architecture services that would accelerate broader modernization and transformation.  The company quickly evolved into a “go to” partner for larger systems integrators working to complete massive projects for state and local government customers across the western United States.  Many of FARO’s solutions are “white labeled” by larger firms who used the FARO solution patterns to create value for department and agency clients.

Just 10 years after launching, in 2017, FARO made a strategic decision to begin offering these solution patterns as products directly to the Government marketplace.  That decision launched FARO Software Solutions LLC, a close affiliate to FARO Consulting & Solutions LLC.

FARO now successfully operates three key business lines to aid government customers:

  • Software Solutions

  • Professional Services

  • Technology Reseller


There are many things we hope to achieve, but none more fundamental to our core strategy than to hold true to the following three tenets on a day-to-day basis:


  1. Every client and customer wants to be a positive reference;

  2. Every employee knows he or she can always do right by the client; and

  3. Every industry partner feels we made them a priority in our planning and execution.


Everything else we do is a tactical measure to stay true to this vision.


Make problems in current operations a thing of the past

Industry Partners

Rapidly super charge your existing IT operations

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Fast, economical way to acquire technology



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FARO Consulting & Solutions, LLC

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