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Does every small change in your current system take forever?

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Professional Services

Consulting Services rely on a foundation of competency and trust.  Without both of these, a client's most important initiatives will be at risk. A significant portion of our team is experienced as former public sector employees or executives. We know what it is like to have a vendor that is not completely on the same page with us.  Many vendors simply don't get it.  We do. We're dedicated to being there for you with both the competency and trustworthiness that you need to place your confidence in us.

We offer two families of consulting services to our clients and customers:

Technology Consulting focused on technology management and implementation consulting capabilities delivered shoulder-to-shoulder with our client's teams. Every day, we expect to be earning your trust in complex technical advisory and solution areas by bringing industry leading professionals to your aid.

Management Consulting focused on efficiently improving the operational aspects of transformation within our client organizations by carefully understanding the problem, the context, any constraints, and internal capacity to support clients with actionable plans.

Technology Vendors

Contracting Options

We have several contracting options, including CMAS and SB/DVBE, available to support your professional service needs.

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