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Maintenance Solutions

FARO’s Rockwell Maintenance Subscription portfolio is a must for CIOs trying to get their most out of their software investments while protecting and stabilizing their future. This is not maintenance for FARO products; that is included in our subscription licenses at no additional cost. This is software maintenance for three situations that CIOs face everyday:

Rockwell Maintenance for Custom Code Solutions for which there is no existing OEM to provide support. Benefit: Support for code issues (i.e., break fix, optimization, performance issues), upgrade support (e.g., Java 6 to current version). Ideal for legacy solutions.

Rockwell Maintenance for OEM Unsupported Products (i.e., ones for which normal or even extended support has expired and the vendor requires an upgrade or new product for continued support). Benefit: You can choose to upgrade or migrate when it is right for your organization and avoid forced upgrades that can risky, expensive, and disruptive to other initiatives.

Rockwell Maintenance Enhancement for Existing OEM Supported Products There are many aspects of software maintenance that are not covered by OEM support, including any configuration or customizations made by your team or issues involving other products that are not from the same OEM. FARO assists your team with real world support and maintenance tasks. Our maintenance support also assists your application team in evaluating upgrades and patches for prioritization and testing as well as assisting your license manager in leveraging the license model effectively and efficiently over time.

No matter which maintenance support model you select, you can rely on FARO’s experienced team to provide market leading commitment that aligns with the industry standard Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK).

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