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Do you suffer from a lack of access to your data?

FARO Hercules Suite can help
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Infrastructure Solutions

Subscription licenses that focus on providing a secure cloud environment tailored to the department's modernization agenda.


Migrating to public cloud environments sounds easy, and almost all government entities are adopting a cloud-first policy. However, cost control, configuration, and establishing operating procedures have proven to be full of opportunity but also full of risk. Vermillion is the FARO suite of public cloud-managed solutions and pre-configured private and public cloud offerings.

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Vermillion Secure Cloud Environment

Baseline environment for Compute, Memory, and Storage.​

​Vermillion Cloud Expansion

Growth and expansion at progressively efficient rates.​

Vermillion Cloud High Availability

Redundant environments for heightened resiliency for mission critical operations.​

Vermillion FedRAMP Ready Cloud

Upgraded process and procedural support on a baseline FedRAMP moderate or high-level starting point as configured for the Department.

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