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Do you suffer from a lack of access to your data?

FARO Hercules Suite can help
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Enabling Solutions

Subscription licenses that focus on technical processing support based on system requirements that will make your technical resources more productive. FARO works with your team to provide POC, MVP, and shoulder-to-shoulder collaboration with your technologists, developers, architects, and security professionals.


If you’re looking to level up your IT shop quickly without hiring a bunch of consultants, FARO’s Enabling Solutions are designed for you.


Turnkey Enabling solution based on a cloud-first, API oriented architecture. Complete with robust capabilities as an API-gateway, Enterprise Service Bus, Data Hub, Transformation Engine, and Message Broker, FARO’s Hercules Solution is the cornerstone to your modernized middleware architecture.


FARO Hercules Middleware secures and enables re-use of connected assets including custom code through a robust Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline, Cloud native Software as a Service, or on premise installed commercially off the shelf (COTS) tools. FARO not only delivers the solution, but a complete operating model and support structure to work with your development, software/applications, infrastructure, server, network, and security teams.


XDR (Extended Detection and Response)

Bad actors are working hard to evade detection. They hide between cross government security silos and disconnected solution alerts, propagating as time passes to escalate the depth and impact of the undetected threats. It is effectively impossible for already overwhelmed security analysts to triage and investigate with narrow, disconnected attack viewpoints. Looking across a portfolio that is a current blind spot is key to “leveling up” the security apparatus of an agency, distributed department, data center, or other statewide entity (universities, hospitals, correctional facilities, field offices, etc.).


Hercules XDR is anchored in SIEM and enriched for endpoint security to eliminate data silos, reduce alert fatigue, and arm cyber hunters to stop threats at cloud scale. Built into a single platform, FARO Hercules XDR extends customer capability leveraging MITRE ATT&CK®, the most authoritative knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations. Government Information Security Officers can have challenges bringing XDR, SOC, SOAR, Incident Response, Community Guidance, and the many other moving parts of a complete cyber portfolio together. FARO Hercules XDR helps bring process, policy, governance, techniques, technology, artifacts, training, and skilled collaboration together.


Hercules XDR solution and support includes complex components that no other single product can provide to Government today.


Technical enablement for Mainframe operations when bringing data in and out of a legacy systems without requiring significant re-writes of arcane code is desired, if not critical. Few vendors understand the complex mainframe world, but many government customers continue to need to continue and possible expand their utilization of mainframe assets while modernizing other systems.

Arena DevOps

The Development and Operations cycle for government is complicated with over 300 leading solutions in the market. For departments seeking to define, expand, or harmonize any stage in the plan, code, build, test, release, deploy, operate, and monitor lifecycle, FARO has a single component, or the entire lifecycle based on open-source tools that are all engineered and managed to work together. Each stage has inputs, actors, tasks, and outputs that FARO can help your department stabilize, automate, and/or accelerate.


Developing custom integration components including interfaces, webservices, automation scripts, ETL, or APIs is component enable that FARO offers for Customers on a product supported basis.

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