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SB/DVBE Services

Under California Governor's Executive Order, each Agency in California has a 25% Small Business and 3% DVBE participation goal for procurements. 


Good news:  Working with FARO helps you meet both of these.  We are a California Certified SB/DVBE (#48670).  And you don't need to worry; as a full-service firm, we easily meet the Commercially Useful Function (CUF) requirements that will keep your agency in compliance.


We have several paths to help – please select an option below to see more.


Contracting Options


NWN is a tremendously valuable resale partner for FARO, providing access to an enormous number of industry leading technology solutions. From Cisco to HP to Microsoft to hundreds of boutique players, we can help you with your IT hardware and software needs. In addition, NWN and FARO offer a number of complementary cloud services that are truly unbeatable in the market. When it comes to telecom, VOIP, call center/IVR, and CRM solutions, you can find no better solution in the market than the FARO/NWN team. We're able to leverage CMAS, DVBE, SLP, and CalNET contract vehicles.

Email or call us today to learn more about this exciting partnership and see how our commitment will make your procurements easier.


The majority of our work with business or policy focused clients is in streamlining the collection, management and sharing of essential data. To do this, we have selected SimpliGov as the market leader in making business-friendly forms and workflows simple to build and manage. We have three ways to help you with SimpliGov:

  1. We are a SimpliGov reseller through the State of California Software License Program.

  2. We are an experienced ThinkSmart implementation partner if you need assistance getting started with the product or help making sure your initial steps are truly enterprise grade. Our services can easily be added to a SLP purchase.

  3. We offer several complementary products, including ones that either work alongside or leverage SimpliGov to address specific agency and department use cases. For larger agencies or those solving more complex problems, these products are a great help in accelerating progress and lowering risk. Want an example? Check out our Porto Workflow Cloud Service.

SLP-19-70-0236C Interested in learning more about SimpliGov? Email or call us today!


Need to meet your department's procurement requirements? FARO is a certified California SB/DVBE. State agencies may use a streamlined process, known as the SB/DVBE Option, by contracting directly with a California certified small business/microbusiness for goods, services, and information technology projects under $250,000.

FARO has many cloud and consulting services that fit into this policy that we'd be happy to discuss with you today.


To discuss the SB/DVBE option, send us an email or give us a call!


When your agency needs a deep-diving enterprise search and analytics engine, FARO recommends Elastic. From its open source beginnings, Elastic become renowned as easy to use, flexible and scalable. Expanding into the ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana) provides end-to-end, user-friendly functionality from ingest pipelines to intuitive visualization outputs.

Elastic products are available from FARO through the SLP agreement. SLP-19-70-0236B Looking for that game-changing search engine? Email or call us today!

Micro Focus Government Solutions

Micro Focus Government Solutions (MFGS) support the data and analytics needs of the US public sector through their agile solutions to IT challenges. We help customers with legacy modernization, cloud transformation, lifecycle management and secure DevOps initiatives through our close partnership with MFGS.

FARO is a proud reseller of MFGS through the company's SLP agreement: SLP-19-70-0236D To find out more, send an email or call us today!


​​​ Data management and integration can be challenging but are critical for successful business operations and driving innovation. If your agency is facing complex data obstacles, Informatica's AI-driven platform will help you regain control of your data and provide the insight to drive innovation. Send us an email to learn more about Informatica's master data management products.

Rimini Street Inc.

Rimini Street (NASDAQ: RMNI) is the global leader in providing third-party enterprise software support services to over 2,000 active clients. Rimini Street enables licensees of Oracle enterprise software to enjoy ultra-responsive support, save up to 90% percent on total support costs and free up funds to drive innovation.

  1. FARO Consulting & Solutions is an authorized reseller of Rimini Street software, maintenance & technical support for the State of California and related public agencies.
  2. FARO is a valid contractor with the State of California Department of General Services for the Software License Program (SLP) that enables California State departments & other public entities to procure Rimini Street Services.

Reach out by email or give us a call to learn more.

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