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Pravia CRM™ 

Collaborating with Government in a G2C can be easier and more productive with a CRM built just for you.

There are many CRM products in the market today.  A number of them offer impressive functionality that can be the right solution for sales and profit-driven operations, but the mission of government is different. You deserve a CRM solution that is focused on your operational needs, your policy obligations, and legal constraints.  FARO’s Pravia CRM is exactly this product.  It isn’t designed to help you grow and manage sales, but when it comes to a focused solution to helping government entities connect with clients, constituents, and other citizen groups – there is no better.  We save you money, lower your risk, and make the product more tailored to your needs by engineering it to one objective:  yours.

Product Highlights:

  • Out of the cloud capability – Robust CRM functionality, including omni-channel support, with zero agency implementation or lengthy project management efforts that shifts risk to the vendor
    and not to the agency;

  • Privacy centric design – as a solution built for
    complex public-sector considerations,
    Pravia CRM offers HIPAA, NIST, ISO, FedRAMP
    and PCI compliance; and

  • Economical – everything you need and nothing
    you don’t makes for a great, low-cost model, that you
    can turn on quickly to serve the public more efficiently

  • Built for Government - simplifies training,
    implementation, and support vs. commercial CRM solutions

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