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Porto Workflow™ 

Data is the #1 asset in the information age of government services.  We can help you manage it that way.

Many agencies have made substantial investments in development of paper form libraries or large systems to manage the input and tracking of these data assets.  Unfortunately, these form libraries are very manually intensive and prone to data entry errors, and the large systems are inflexible and expensive to update for new policy initiatives.  FARO offers Porto, a lightweight, cloud-based workflow solution that can be deployed against your specific needs with a warranty lasting as long as the product is licensed.  So, you can now easily take your organization paperless or add FARO’s Porto Workflow Engine to your existing system architecture as way of adding new features and functionality without having to “crack open” your legacy code-base.  Basically, Porto helps you build lightweight add-ons to your current system in a low risk model.  It also preserves these enhancements in a tool that will stay with you if/when you ultimately replace the other system.

Product Highlights:

  • Business friendly – workflows are easy to model and build whether your department has paper, PDFs, or a large system

  • Investment savvy – you can buy workflows individually to scale over time or an enterprise license agreement to build unlimited forms and processes

  • Empowering – by having choice in how to modernize legacy systems, you’ll find that the total cost of operations declines significantly over time (especially when you’re avoiding “vendor lock-in”)

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