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Founded in 2007 by Alvin Benton, FARO Consulting & Solutions has always been about one thing:  People.  The work we do is very personal.  Our clients entrust us with their credibility and professional reputations.  We cannot take that honor any more seriously.  For this reason, we have measured our team growth based on culture, commitment, and organizational fit.  You can expect to see the distinct FARO level of commitment from everyone of our team members.

Today, you can see FARO not only doing great work for our clients, but also doing great things in the community.  A number of charities and social causes have played an important part of team members' growth, including various women's, veteran, and youth programs where economic and time contributions have been substantial.

Our focus is transformation.  In today's organizations, this often involves achieving a balance with technology systems.  Accordingly, our executive team is comprised of experienced industry professionals with civil or military service, technology industry backgrounds, and financial sector experience, with notable published authors, public speakers, adjunct faculty members, and other distinguished roles being served.

For our government clients, we maintain a number of attractive buying agreements, including CMAS, SLP, and SB/DVBE buying status.

What's in a name?  For us, a lot.  "FARO" comes from the "Pharos of Alexandria," the world's oldest lighthouse and one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.  The word has since symbolized a safe navigational guide in many cultures and languages and reminds us daily of how important our work is to the success of our clients and customers.

There are many things we hope to achieve, but none more fundamental to our core strategy than to hold true to the following three tenets on a day to day basis:

1.   Every client and customer wants to be a positive reference;

2.   Every employee knows he or she can always do right by the client; and

3.   Every industry partner feels we made them a priority in our planning and execution.

Everything else we do is a tactical measure to stay true to this vision.

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