Robust SaaS Solutions

Robust SaaS Solutions

Designed specifically for the Public Sector

Cloud Services

One of the most exciting things about FARO Consulting & Solutions is our ability to creatively meet clients and customers with new business models.  We launched a new software company affiliate that has developed and continues to enhance a portfolio of cloud-based solutions that offer significant value to public sector clients seeking to lower risk, reduce investment, and accelerate time to deployment.

The FARO Software Solutions products specifically targets operational challenges that many customers have.  The benefits to your organization of one of these licensed software solutions is abundant:

  • Get up and running almost immediately as pre-engineered solutions offer fully functional products

  • Ability for IT to demonstrate greater responsiveness to business and policy shifting needs

  • All FARO solutions are complete – including cloud hosting, application features and functionality, as well as a user administration portal

  • All licensed product upgrades are included (e.g. security patches, and compatibility resolution)

  • Network, Storage and CPU capacity for all licensed subscription products is highly scalable

  • Your data remains owned by you throughout the term of your FARO license agreement

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Government Products

Government Data Hub

Modernizing your department's IT shop is easier than you think thanks to the Hercules Suite™ - a new product engineered specifically for government.

Often there's no budget line item for IT in any State or local government’s budget bill. Every dollar spent on IT competes for relevance and priority with many important policy initiatives. Normally, the department and agency CIO’s receive money only to support policy-related projects and none to support building a modern enterprise. The unfortunate consequence is that departments and agencies remain stuck with legacy technologies that ultimately drive up cost and risk while slowing down delivery of new capabilities. FARO has developed a product family and approach to address this challenge. The Hercules Suite of cloud-based solutions delivers, for the first time ever, a complete API and ESB Hub that can be deployed by itself or as part of a policy-based initiative. Either way, its combination of robust, standards-based architecture; and lightweight, management-friendly cost efficiency makes it the perfect solution for even the largest government entities.

Product Highlights include:

  • Security – NIST, FedRAMP, ISO, and HIPAA compliant to keep your agency secure

  • Scalable – cloud-based elasticity to grow with your needs

  • Turn-key – no lengthy project with expensive consultants to implement, just log in

To learn more about your modern, modular, agile-enabled, and SLA driven enterprise architecture cornerstone, click here.

Department Forms and Workflow Engine

Data is the #1 asset in the information age of government services. We can help you manage it that way.

Many agencies have made substantial investments in development of paper form libraries or large systems to manage the input and tracking of these data assets. Unfortunately, these form libraries are very manually intensive and prone to data entry errors, and the large systems are inflexible and expensive to update for new policy initiatives. FARO offers Porto, a lightweight, cloud-based workflow solution that can be deployed against your specific needs with a warranty lasting as long as the product is licensed. So, you can now easily take your organization paperless or add FARO’s Porto Workflow Engine to your existing system architecture as way of adding new features and functionality without having to “crack open” your legacy code-base. Basically, Porto helps you build lightweight add-ons to your current system in a low risk model. It also preserves these enhancements in a tool that will stay with you if/when you ultimately replace the other system.

Product Highlights:

  • Business friendly – workflows are easy to model and build whether your department has paper, PDFs, or a large system;

  • Works for you – you can buy workflows one at a time to scale over time or an enterprise license agreement to have unlimited forms and processes an option; and

  • Empowering – by having choice in how to modernize legacy systems, you’ll find that the total cost of operations declines significantly over time (especially when you’re avoiding “vendor lock-in”)

Want to know more about new capability gained with Porto Workflow? Click here.

Government Client Relationship Management

Collaborating with Government in a G2C can be easier and more productive with a CRM built just for you.

There are many CRM products in the market today. A number of them offer impressive functionality that can be the right solution for sales and profit-driven operations, but the mission of government is different. You deserve a CRM solution that is focused on your operational needs, your policy obligations, and legal constraints. FARO’s Pravia CRM is exactly this product. It isn’t designed to help you grow and manage sales, but when it comes to a focused solution to helping government entities connect with clients, constituents, and other citizen groups – there is no better. We save you money, lower your risk, and make the product more tailored to your needs by engineering it to one objective: yours.

Product Highlights:

  • Out of the cloud capability – Robust CRM functionality, including omni-channel support, with zero agency implementation or lengthy project management efforts that shifts risk to the vendor and not to the agency;
  • Privacy centric design – as a solution built for complex public-sector considerations, Pravia CRM offers HIPAA, NIST, ISO, FedRAMP and PCI compliance; and
  • Economical – everything you need and nothing you don’t makes for a great, low-cost model, that you can turn on quickly to serve the public more efficiently
  • Built for Government - simplifies training, implementation, and support vs. commercial CRM solutions
To learn more about the ease of use and efficiency of Pravia CRM, click here.

DevOps for Agile Government

Tired of Friday afternoon crisis calls about a weekend release? You’re not alone.

You have a significant investment in people and tools to aid your IT team in delivering value to the policy side of the department with ever greater speed and quality. This process is known as the Development and Operations Cycle, or DevOps for short. There are hundreds of tools that offer capability at the many stages in the DevOps cycle. FARO doesn’t compete with any; rather, we make the ones you’ve chosen more business relevant. We’ve done this by engineering a workflow engine to help progress work from one stage to the next, regardless of which open source or proprietary tools you may already own. This is achieved with a level of granularity that helps everyone. Managers and executives are happy because they see the work is progressing on schedule without missed steps and technologist are happy because approvals to advance are processed much faster. With FARO’s Arena DevOps toolset, you will be able to see that every step in your DevOps cycle has:

  • Known inputs to trigger entrance criteria
  • Defined process steps to be completed
  • Roles for all actors
  • Known outputs to meet exit criteria

Studies have shown that the longest stages in any DevOps cycle are the approvals. FARO can take this from the longest to one of the shortest stages very quickly.

Product Highlights:

  • Enhances any DevOps tool purchases you or your team has made; there is no “throw away”
  • Includes open source tool samples for any stages for which you don’t have a tool selected
  • Level of detail in DevOps processes can be elevated or deepened based on your preferences
Click here to learn about all the benefits of Arena DevOps.