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Robust SaaS Solutions

Robust SaaS Solutions

Designed specifically for the Public Sector

Cloud Services

One of the most exciting things about FARO Consulting & Solutions is our ability to creatively meet clients and customers with new business models.  We launched a new software company affiliate that has developed and continues to enhance a portfolio of cloud-based solutions that offer significant value to public sector clients seeking to lower risk, reduce investment, and accelerate time to deployment.

The FARO Software Solutions products specifically targets operational challenges that many customers have.  The benefits to your organization of one of these licensed software solutions is abundant:

  • Get up and running almost immediately as pre-engineered solutions offer fully functional products

  • Ability for IT to demonstrate greater responsiveness to business and policy shifting needs

  • All FARO solutions are complete – including cloud hosting, application features and functionality, as well as a user administration portal

  • All licensed product upgrades are included (e.g. security patches, and compatibility resolution)

  • Network, Storage and CPU capacity for all licensed subscription products is highly scalable

  • Your data remains owned by you throughout the term of your FARO license agreement

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Please expand one or more of the options below to learn more about our expanding portfolio of solutions for your department or agency:   

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