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Consulting Services

Consulting Services rely on a foundation of competency and trust.  Without both of these, a client's most important initiatives will be at risk.  A significant portion of our team is experienced as former public sector employees or executives.  We know what it is like to have a vendor that is not completely on the same page with us.  Many vendors simply don't get it.  We do. We're dedicated to being there for you with both the competency and trustworthiness that you need to place your confidence in us.

We offer two families of consulting services to our clients and customers:

Technology Consulting focused on technology management and implementation consulting capabilities delivered shoulder-to-shoulder with our client's teams.  Every day, we expect to be earning your trust in complex technical advisory and solution areas by bringing industry leading professionals to your aid.

Management Consulting focused on efficiently improving the operational aspects of transformation within our client organizations by carefully understanding the problem, the context, any constraints, and internal capacity to support clients with actionable plans.

Technology Vendors

Technology Consulting

System Assessments

If your organization isn’t absolutely confident on a path forward for an existing system, a FARO system assessment may be exactly what you need. With experienced professionals who will work to understand both your short and long-term objectives, we can analyze your “as-is” system from an architecture, security, design, maintainability, and/or user experience perspective. From this, our team can provide specific recommendations or management options to help you find your way. Whichever avenue you choose, you can rest assured that system facts, industry trends, lessons learned, cost/value considerations, and best known practices have all been applied in our assessments.

System Implementation (SI)

We’re not one of those firms that claims it can implement everything for everyone and that’s never really true when said by others, either. But, at FARO, we know where we really excel and how we can most help you and your organization succeed. Our wheelhouse includes two major areas: We are experts at implementing technical architecture components (such as ESB/API & secure data exchanges) and supporting our clients in overcoming their business process obstacles. We focus here because your information is your most valuable asset and getting that information where it needs to go is key; regardless of systems that come and go, your data persists. Additionally, we can really dive in with your business teams to develop and solve data forms, workflow, and business process challenges with ThinkSmart. We do this to build end-to-end solutions as well as amazing “sidecars” to larger COTS implementations (ERP, Pension Systems, EHR, Tax, and other systems) to give business and IT leaders choice in executing organization specific configurations while saving millions of dollars.

System Remediation

Unfortunately, many large system implementations struggle to live up to their promise. Either vendors leave their clients with a treasure chest of compromises and work-arounds or the system may never truly be “complete.” Most clients see the writing on the wall, but don’t know what to do. Often there are no “silver bullets” available, but there are almost always things you can be doing to improve your outcomes, control your budgets, and keep your vendors performing. We have experienced staff who have been through many system development lifecycles for some of the largest government agencies in the country as well as many Fortune 50 companies. Whether you need to get a system back on track or make the most of what you have been given, we’d be very pleased to discuss the possibilities.

System Modernization

You’re not alone if your organization is still maintaining a custom-built system that may be well past its prime. In an era of rapid application development and cloud computing, why are so many outdated still around? The answer is easy: They’re working (mostly). But, that doesn’t mean that you should sit idly when they continue to age, and you continue to lose expertise in the legacy technology due to attrition. You can and should implement a modernization plan. Not the “throw the baby out with the bathwater,” big bang replacement that many large vendors will pitch, but a series of surgical strikes that both protect your team and allows for a “bit at a time” approach to modernizing your core systems. Let us help you. As one of our clients said, “You saved us millions, but you also saved my job.”

Management Consulting

Strategy & Planning

Government organizations face pivotal moments where establishing or revisiting key decisions, directional positioning, and goal or objective alignment can be imperative to success. These organizational inflection points can be the result of mergers/divestitures, policy or regulatory changes, political shifts, or funding availability. Whether these plans are technical (e.g., Agency Information Management Plans, Feasibility Studies, etc.) or policy focused (e.g., processing improvement plans, constituent management strategies, etc.), we have experienced team members who can help.

Business Requirement Development

Business requirements for the development of a new system are a vital communication tool from the operational side of the agency to the technical teams responsible for automation. As a firm experienced with implementation services, we can effectively support your team in eliciting and documenting the business imperatives into an unambiguous and testable framework (e.g., business requirements matrix) for your implementation team. Our team can also support your business and policy staff in considering technical alternatives when addressing your business requirements through the design process (e.g., joint application design, or JAD, sessions).

RFP Development & Procurement Support

Going to market for a new system or complex services can be daunting. Often departments or agencies struggle to create a solicitation document to get all the assistance required while managing budget and vendor expectations. FARO’s procurement and vendor management team can work with you to develop a procurement approach that meets your needs and encourages potential vendors to actively compete for the opportunity to work with your organization.

Organizational Change Management (OCM)

Implementing a new system or policy is a challenging task, but the key objective is ensuring that the performing organization embraces the change. FARO specializes in multiple levels of change support: from simply training staff to helping with business process changes, to orchestrating a complete transformation execution; FARO has experienced professionals that can apply experience, lessons learned, and leading practices to your organization that break down the barriers to success.

IV&V (Systems Level) & PMO Work

Independent verification and validation (IV&V) provides important insight to executive sponsors about the performance of a project team. FARO offers specific technical assistance to the IV&V process to add a deeper architectural view into code, system designs, and software configurations than can be traditionally achieved during IV&V. Think of FARO as a way to “turbo charge” your IV&V process with senior systems professionals that can go toe-to-toe with even the most challenging system implementations.

Technology Business Management (TBM)

Getting IT to operate with greater business relevance is often a priority for operations where transparency into cost allocation is vital to operations (e.g., where OMB A-87 cost recovery rules apply) or where IT cost management is critical (e.g., where benchmarks against alternatives is required). FARO has a team of experienced IT operations, IT cost management, and performance analytics experts that can work with your team to provide the insight needed to do just that, including helping prepare to implement a TBM solution (e.g., Apptio).