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Arena DevOps™ 

Tired of Friday afternoon crisis calls about a weekend release?  You’re not alone.


You have a significant investment in people and tools to aid your IT team in delivering value to the policy side of the department with ever greater speed and quality.  This process is known as the Development and Operations Cycle, or DevOps for short.  There are hundreds of tools that offer capability at the many stages in the DevOps cycle.  FARO doesn’t compete with any; rather, we make the ones you’ve chosen more business relevant.  We’ve done this by engineering a workflow engine to help progress work from one stage to the next, regardless of which open source or proprietary tools you may already own.  This is achieved with a level of granularity that helps everyone.  Managers and executives are happy because they see the work is progressing on schedule without missed steps and technologist are happy because approvals to advance are processed much faster.  With FARO’s Arena DevOps toolset, you will be able to see that every step in your DevOps cycle has:

  • Known inputs to trigger entrance criteria

  • Defined process steps to be completed

  • Roles for all actors

  • Known outputs to meet exit criteria


Studies have shown that the longest stages in any DevOps cycle are the approvals.  FARO can take this from the longest to one of the shortest stages very quickly.

Product Highlights:

  • Enhances any DevOps tool purchases you or your team has made; there is no “throw away”

  • Includes open source tool samples for any stages for which you don’t have a tool selected

  • Level of detail in DevOps processes can be elevated or deepened based on your preferences

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